Commercial Property Maintenance

Griffin Landscaping is a customer service company that improves the quality of people’s lives where they live, work and play. We believe in enhancing the beauty and utility of properties by leveraging technology to create new innovative solutions for those we work with.

What we can do for you:

  • 4ME Digital Platform and Mobile App. Service your way on your own schedule.
  • Commercial Property Management. Complete summer maintenance service along with winter snow removal and ice melting.
  • Employee logging and tracking. You will have a record of every individual that is sent to your property as well as the equipment used. We use digital apps to track and monitor all service dates and times so you can rest easy knowing exactly when a service was provided and by whom it was delivered.
  • We have changed the business model and innovated new technology to create a digital app which allows for the advancement of service delivery, tracking and implementation. We are uniquely focused on becoming the only technology based landscaping company in existence today.
  • We are professional in our approach and our properties are maintained to a level of excellence that is unrivalled.
  • Unleash the power of your smart phone, tablet or computer to use our app to communicate with us. We have developed an in house messenger application that will allow you to communicate your needs clearly and quickly with our technicians and management team. Ordering services or scheduling events has never been easier.
  • Full Service Company offering all landscape and snow removal services from design to construction and maintenance.
  • Our detailed service records will drastically reduce or even eliminate your exposure to liability arising from slip and falls or negligence by tracking details such as asphalt temperature, storm time and dates, previous 24 hour weather tracking, forecasted 24 hour storm forecast, exact date and time of every service on your property, exact list of what ice melt was used or how the lot was plowed. In the event of a car blocking part of your lot a photo and license plate will be logged for future reference.
  • Parking Lot Maintenance

From our beginnings in 2004 we have sought to find new and innovative ways to delight our customers and deliver a superior service. We were the first company to digitize confirmation of maintenance services by sending a picture via email to our customers instead of using the paper door hanger. It made ecological and economic sense to then allow customers to order services from a smart phone or computer/tablet etc. We then graduated into fully web enabled subscription processing, status and information updates like instant digital reports including vast details on the service provided, time of service, logs on who was on the property, security reports etc.

Today, we have just unveiled an exciting new project to create a platform that will revolutionise and disrupt the landscape industry like Lyft and Uber have done to transportation. Making it easier for customers to get the services they need.