Grass Cutting and Summer Property Maintenance
Service Amount
Healthy Lawn Maintenance 200
Lawn Cutting Service 420
Snow Removal Service 250
Total: $870.00

1. Healthy Lawn Maintenance     2. Lawn cut weekly     3. Snow Removal
Pre-pay $783.00 or 12 Monthly Payments of $ 65.25

When you sign up for year round service, you will receive a 10% discount on all three packages. Refer a friend and you will receive one free month.

Regular Price: $870.00
Discounted Price: $783.00
Total Savings (If you sign-up today): $87.00
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Healthy Lawn Maintenance
  1. Early spring slow release granular fertilizer

  2. Spring weed removal

  3. Summer slow release granular fertilizer

  4. Summer weed removal

  5. Late summer slow release granular fertilizer

  6. Fall slow release winterizer fertilizer

Free 2 extra weed removal visits
Free lawn assessment on each visit
Free service calls
Pre-pay $180.00 or 6 Monthly Payments of $30.00
Lawn Cutting
  1. Lawn cut weekly up to 28 times from May through October

  2. Lawn trimmed at each visit

  3. Clippings are bagged and removed as required

  4. Summer mulching to protect root base

  5. Blow walkways after every visit

  6. Spring clean up done in April

  7. Fall clean up done in November

Free service calls
28 weekly cuts: Pre-pay $378.00 or 8 Monthly Payments of $47.25
Snow Removal
  1. Driveway cleared of snow from November through April

  2. Guaranteed within 12 hours of an accumulation of 2 inches

  3. Clearing the mound at the bottom of your driveway left by city plows

  4. Walkway to the front door hand shovelled

Pre-pay $225.00 or 4 Monthly Payments of $56.25
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Lawn Area Calculator
When measuring your lawn area, make sure to only calculate the square footage of grass. Do not include your house, driveway or landscaping in the measurement. In the diagram below you would measure all grass area (shown in green) and add them together to create your specific lawn area. From the drop-down list, select the square footage range that your property falls into.
Lawn Area Diagram
To calculate your lawn area using a Google maps area calculator tool click here. You will be directed to an online app where you can display your property via satellite imagery. You then search for your street address and then follow the on-screen instructions to measure your lawn area. Your address or lawn area information will not be saved or shared.